We need one Granny Smith apple and one big carrot for a medium size cabbage, everything will be shredded and mixed with a teaspoon of salt, just to help their juices to come out. Fill red bell peppers with this mix, put them in jars, together with some garlic cloves, horseradish sticks and some dill sticks. Boil one gallon of water with four tablespoons of salt. Leave it until turns hot as a cup of hot tea you drink in the winter time and pour it into the jar to cover the red bell peppers. Make sure you perfectly put the lid on, not to let the air get inside your pretty jars and get ready to enjoy the red bell peppers as the best combination of sweet, salty, tart and spicy tastes. You can also use green or yellow bell peppers and beetroot instead of apple, for a special color, and an earthy flavor. Enjoy the cold and grey days of late fall and winter with a colorful spicy dish which gives you some extra C vitamin for your diet. You can eat this pickled side dish with any type of meals… meaty or veggie.

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