We need four tuna fillets and smoked bacon slices to wrap the fish in it, one teaspoon of thyme, black and white pepper, one tablespoon of salt and the juice and zest of two lemons. First we mix the lemon juice and zest with salt and keep our tuna fillets into this marinade for at least one hour. Take the fish out, dry it with paper towels and sprinkle the thyme and pepper on it. Wrap the fillets in smoked bacon slices and put it on the grill. It’s absolutely delicious and you sure will ask for more. We can also bake it into the oven and, of course, we can use any type of fish we like.

Tuna meat is the beef meat of the ocean so if we don’t like it row, we have to find a way to prepare it without turning it into a dry and tasteless chunk of meat. So, when we are not fish meat lovers, but want to enjoy the benefits of it without its metallic taste, that’s a good way to cook our fish dish! We all love tuna salad but when it comes to enjoy a healthy lunch or dinner dish, we have to dare a little more, so let’s do it!

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