It’s almost Christmas and if we already have decorated our home, now we should bring something new and festive on our Christmas table, too! This year I’ve decided to make some special Santa’s trees, a very nice and easy way to give a festive and colorful look to our side dishes and snacks. We need broccoli, small Mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes or, if you dare, green celery to build our schematic Christmas tree, smoked bacon, salami or smoked sausage sticks, red and white grapes, some cucumber rounded sliced and, again, cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella bubbles. The only thing we have to do is to cook our broccoli al dente, not to loose its green color, with salt, olive oil, red bell pepper and lot of dill, place it on a big dish to look like a Christmas tree and decorated with Mozzarella bubbles and cherry tomatoes. It looks and it also tastes good. If you dare to build the Christmas tree from celery, you need a sharp knife to cut small slots to insert the branches into the tree trunk and some toothpicks to fix the decorations. Fix the tree trunk into bread or even into a mashed potatoes ball, to make sure it doesn’t move when you decorated it or place it on your Christmas table. It looks funny, yummy and you can ask your kids to decorate Santa’s tree for your Christmas table.

God bless your souls and a merry Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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