I just figured out that the main reason I love ice cream is because I eat it after I let it rest a little outside the fridge, so it could turn into a nice and cold but not icy cream. So I don’t really like ice cream, but its… mild version. This is the reason I give you a way to enjoy hot summer days with a nice and fast dessert, cold and creamy, not icy. We need Graham biscuits, four for every glass or cup we fill, four teaspoons with any mousse we like, chocolate or caramel are my favorites, four teaspoons of Greek yogurt and some cream to spray it on top of our summer dessert. First we put a lay of biscuits into a big glass, cover with the yogurt, sprinkle a nice lay of cinnamon sugar or any other aromatic sugar we like, add the mousse and cover everything with cream. Sprinkle another cinnamon sugar on top of it, cover the cup with cling foil and leave it into the fridge for at least half an hour, until its cold enough to refresh our summer day. You could also use Mascarpone cheese mixed with cocoa powder and any aromatic sugar you like, to replace the mousse and make a healthier dessert, but you should leave it my way and indulge yourself with this fast recipe. After all, it’s summer, it’s vacation time and not even the home made ice cream is not so healthy, it has around 23% fat!

Pictures by Sufletelasueta.com

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