It’s pickles time! The weather’s getting colder and we should be ready for the heavy meals of the winter as well as for their spicy and full of vitamin C salads made not from fresh vegetables but from pickled ones. This is a very precious recipe for me because reminds me of my father who passed away few years ago. It is also very easy to prepare it and you can eat the whole watermelon cause will be very sweet, spicy and crounchy. You need the smallest watermelons you can find, not too much bigger than your fist, a very large jar so you could put as many as possible, water, salt, horseradish, garlic and some dry dill sticks. You need four tablespoons of salt for any gallon of water. Bring the salty water to a boil and pour it hot into the jar full of tiny watermelons, horseradish, garlic and dill sticks. You should appreciate how many garlic cloves, horseradish and dill you need for the amount of water and watermelons you put into your big jar but this is not such a big deal because the magic is in the boiled salty water. You will get a delicious pickle, sweet but also salty and spicy who will sure turn into the star of your winter tables with family and friends.

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