Let me introduce you my way to save the rice and meat leftovers and turn them into a fast and delicious recipe for our family and friends. We need to cook one minced garlic into a spoon of olive oil and one spoon of butter. We use this combination not to burn our delicious butter! Add six shrimps already cooked or we cook them until they turn pale orange, the same amount of mussels without shells, meat leftovers, chicken, turkey and even some chorizo slices, one chopped red bell pepper, one cup of white wine and the rice leftovers, about two cups. If we are using plane rice, we should add a pinch of saffron, for a special taste, but if our leftover rice has already the specific yellow color and taste, then we don’t want to overpower the taste by adding another quantity of saffron. Let them boil, stirring from time to time, until the rice from the bottom is caramelized. Add salt and pepper, some olives, freshly chopped parsley and our leftovers paella is ready to be the star of our dinner table!

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