We have picky kids or grandkids around, when it comes to food, we should pay attention to details! This recipe turns some humble slices of ham and cheese into something delicious but most of all looking good and easy to… fix. There are all kind of meat and cheese rolls on the market but ours is different because we can choose healthy ham and cheese, better flavours and we can ask our kids or grandkids to give us a helping hand when we put them together. First we need to lay on the countertop a nice piece of cling foil to help us roll the ham and cheese but also to cover the roll and keep it in the fridge for couple hours so we could slice it easy. Ask our helpers to put three slices of ham like in our picture and a lay of cheese slices on top of it. We can have two or three layers of this combination so the roll could be really thick and delicious. On the last layer of ham we can put a… line of tomatoes pesto, or its classic green version, or even some herbs cheese cream and then we are ready to roll. Don’t be afraid it will crack a little because it really looks homemade and if we are picky too when it comes to looking good food, we have the option of rolling the roll into some finely chopped fresh dill or basil for the final touch. Make sure we wrap the roll really tight into our cling foil and keep it into the fridge for couple of hours so we could slice it nice and easy.

We can make this recipe with some steak leftovers and cheese cream, even with sliced smoked salmon or pastrami, everything that’s inspiring us and help our kids and grandkids feeling better eating healthy, tasty and good looking homemade food.

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