We just stepped into a new year and we need a lot of inspiration to keep the holiday’s feeling as long as possible, so no wonder that turning an ordinary meal into a festive one, it helps us feeling better for a long time, even we have to go back to our usual activities. So, lets do some funny Snowmen to put a big smile on our faces!

We need one small mozzarella ball, one hard boiled egg, two black corns, one pretzel, one cherry tomato. Of course we can make as many Snowmen as we need, using the boiled egg simple as it is or we can make a special paste to fill it. We have to cut a small slice of the egg so it could sit stand on our dish, put a small slice of cherry tomato on top of it like a scarf, the Mozzarella ball and a half of the cherry tomato on top of it. Use a toothpick to fix everything from top to bottom. Use pepper corns to make the eyes, a small piece of pretzel to make the nose and the mouth and a rosemary stick or green celery to make the broom. It will look nice and the kids will love this healthy snack on our table. First, make sure everything we need is on the table. We start fixing the pepper corns eyes on the Mozzarella head and the pepper corns buttons on the egg body of our Snowman. Then we have to add the pretzel nose and mouth. The kids will love their crunchiness. Now we have to fix the hat on the had and also the scarf with a toothpick. We can use c

herry tomato and cucumber for hat and scarf but also small pieces of carrots. We can also cut in halves the eggs and make some funny and yummy breakfast sandwiches. Any idea we choose we have to make sure the pepper corns are removed before kids will start to eat their funny Snowman.

Also we could make a nice Christmas tree using the green beans or broccoli traditional side dish and sprinkle some red pomegranate seeds or cranberries to look like Christmas globes and some grated cheese to look like snow. We can ask kids to help decorating the Christmas tree on our table and we can be sure they will love to eat some veggies to check if their work has a good taste. These are little tricks to make our kids happy and enjoy our traditional meal. Happy New Year, everybody!

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