First we put a big cling foil on the working countertop to play with basic ingredients and create our funny meat roll. We push about half a pound of minced pork meat on the foil and sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme. Cover it with roasted red bell peppers mixed with salt and vinegar and then add on one of its edges sausages and pickled cucumbers. Roll the meat loaf with the help of the cling foil until it looks like a big salami and put it into the fridge over night to intensify its flavours.

Don’t worry if you never rolled minced meat before, it’s a homemade product, so it has to have some personality. Put the meatloaf into an oven tray with green beans on its sides or any other veggies you like and put it into the oven until it looks pinky brown and smells amazing. We can also use this meat roll to make delicious sandwiches with any type of cheese we like and a little pesto or mustard mayo. It looks great and could be a star of our special dinners, including Christmas and Easter.

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