We need thin sliced beef meat as we usually buy for a carpaccio recipe, creamy cottage cheese well mixed with finely chopped dill and chives, thin cucumber slices, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. First we have to sprinkle salt and pepper on our beef meat, along with a generous amount of olive oil drops and lemon juice. This will help our beef to… cook a little, thanks to the lemon juice, for about an hour. In the mean time we take care of our cottage cheese, mixing it with a drop of olive oil, salt, dill and chives. Put the cheese mix on a cling foil, give it a rectangular shape, wrap it and put it into the fridge for an hour, so we could cut it properly into small rectangular pieces. Now it’s time to roll. Put a piece of cheese cream on every slice of meat, fix the cucumber slice in the middle and start to roll the beef slice without pressing, so we could have our perfect beef sushi. We could get even more closer to the original sushi recipe by using the rice leftovers instead of our creamy cheese, or we could use beef or turkey pastrami. The point is to play with different textures and tastes and to give a nice look to our everyday meals. Also it’s a good way to make a nice team with our kids in the kitchen.

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