I know that if you are not a garlic fan you will not be an enthusiastic reader of my recipe but I dare you to try something new. It will not gonna hurt! We need to mix six garlic cloves finely minced with twi tablespoons of Greek yogurt until we get a nice and silky paste. Then we have to add a cup of sun flower oil, two drops at a time, and one teaspoon of salt. It has to look like a white mayo. And now it’s time for the secret ingredient which turns everyone into a big aioli sauce fan. We need to tablespoons of finely minced capers! Mixed together with our garlic mayo, capers add that special and mysterious kick, a fine spicy mustard flavour which cuts the strong garlic taste. Don’t ignore the Greek yogurt, it has to be fat and little sour so could turn the garlic into something really special, without the unpleasant side effects. This special aioli could be used with any kind of meat, but I love it with beef and fish. It gives a little something extra even to the most boring chicken breast and it could cut the fat effect of a yummy pork barbecue, leading it to the next level. We can also use it with fried or grilled or boiled potatoes, mushrooms and other veggies. It’s delicious, all we have to do is to give it a chance! Enjoy it!

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