The humble castor oil is a cheap and natural ingredient which has more benefits for our health than the… fancy schmancy argan oil, because it helps us fight against lots of unpleasant internal and external health issues. We only need to massage the bottom of the feet with castor oil and our body will start to eliminate the toxins. Also, our skin issues can be easily solved using this oil. A nice massage with castor oil on a mole or verruca makes it disappear in few weeks. This oil makes miracles for our eyelashes, nails and hair. A massage on our scalp before the shower helps the hair getting stronger and thicker. We can fight against nails fungus infection by massaging them with castor oil. A smooth massage on our eyes improve the health of the skin and helps us having beautiful eyelashes. It also helps us against eyesight issues as cataract. One tablespoon of castor oil improves digestion and a teaspoon of this oil, once a day, helps people to fight against alcohol or nicotine addictions. Also a daily massage with oil castor on our stomach zone helps us forget about the snoring in two weeks. All we have to do is to enjoy the benefits of natural products for our health.

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