Now that the weather is no longer as sunny and warm as we would love to be, we need some tricks to keep our kids and grandkids happy even on a rainy day when can’t get out to enjoy their favourite activities. All you need is some imagination, an old chair or table, some nice colors which are not easy to be removed when you clean the dust with a wet wipe and lot of patience so you could cope with any kind of mess could result from this kind of activity. But you have my word: you will become the best mother, aunt or grandma ever! We all have old furniture pieces needing for a new life in our basement or garage, so it should be easy to use one of these for the happiness of our babies and of ours, of course, because we all are big kids waiting for a chance to play in a… proper way! So you should do the hard work by painting the old chair or table into a light color and draw on top of it, using a permanent color, the contour of some big flowers, butterflies, birds or any type of easy plants or animals you know. When everything is set, invite your kids or grandkids to fill with their favorite colors the drawing pictures and I can tell you there will be no bigger satisfaction than working together as a team, saving the life of your old furniture and use it to redecorate the mudroom or the kitchen or even the kids’ room with your creation. Of course, you can do this all by yourself, no kids around, if you are looking for a better way to enjoy a dark and grey fall day and also to transform an old furniture into a sensational piece of art. It’s all up to you and your imagination! And if your drawing skills are not so good, you can just use different types of shapes and colors, you have no excuse!

Pictures by Suflete la sueta

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