One teaspoon of turmeric added in your food protect your body against the DNA metilation which leads to cancer. This is a healthy benefit of this Asian spice but only if you add it in the cooking process, because it looks that the heated oil activates the positive effect of turmeric on our health. A group of British scientists came to this conclusion. They included turmeric extract pills in the everyday diet of a group of volunteers and gave one teaspoon of turmeric to another group, for six weeks. Both groups didn’t get any benefits on improving theirs immunity system but the group which prepared the food using a teaspoon of turmeric every day improved the protection against the DNA metilation. It was also observed the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric as well as its natural antibiotic effect.

Turmeric has a major role in the detoxifying process of our bodies, especially improving digestion, so it’s a miracle for our diet, helping us losing weight in a healthy way. We can use turmeric in many of our everyday meals, being a bitter hot spice related with ginger. We can also find turmeric in the spice mix for chicken Tandoori or in the curry mix. My favourite way to use it in a easy and fast way is sprinkled on chicken breast slices with onion and red bell pepper cooked into the microwave oven. It’s delicious and it could be also added into any dry marinade for grilled or fried meat.

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